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Sunday, September 25, 2005

More MGS 4 Details

More MGS 4 Details

"In an interview with the Norwegian news site, Kojima reveals many new details about Snake, MGS 4 and his game design philosophy. Here is a summary from the interview which we have proudly ripped from CVG.

Technology has evolved where emoting can now be done through relying less on words and more on facial animations and subtle gesturing. On next gen, you can look at a character and know what they are feeling, as opposed to relying on hearing their voice.

Snake will not die in this game, nor is this the end of Metal Gear.

Kojima will not be as involved as previous, but he will produce the next games.

As long as the masses want Metal Gear, he will continue to make Metal Gear games.

He will not Make Metal Gear 5 himself, as it will impact the development of Kojima's next project - a project he's been thinking about for the last 2-3 years, which is totally new and 'special'.

Snake's age will be used to illustrate that he's been fighting and fighting and fighting. This will be used to give his character more colour. This mirrors Kojima's own life where he feels with each game he's ageing, and the game series itself is growing old much like Snake.

The FPS part of the trailer was meant as a joke. He wanted to use that section to show where he feels FPS games are going and simulate it. Graphically it may look like an FPS, but it's still a hide and seek game.

Everything you saw on the trailer was built on an early PS3 devkit. The developers at Kojmia Productions hate using computers to show off their games.

Everything you saw on the trailer will be possible for in-game footage...

...when the game is released next year - 2006!

Because of available higher resolution, the game looked too sharp and clean and had to be dirtied up with movie effects. Effects the team uses in cutscenes are now possible in real-time, such as light beaming through the curves in people's ears and other subtle details.

PS3's available level of detail allows customisation to go to extreme levels. The game will have over 100 weapon combinations possible to the player.

Kojima mainly makes the games for himself, or for someone he knows.

Kojima likes American and French comic books."

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