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Thursday, September 29, 2005

New Turok Game With Unreal Engine 3? [Xbox 360]

New Turok Game With Unreal Engine 3? [Xbox 360]

Free Image Hosting at"Buena Vista Games announced today that they have licensed the Unreal Engine 3 for a number of next gen projects, and the first title under that agreement is a title 'based on the popular Turok franchise.'

The game will be developed by BVG's newly created Propaganda Games studio located in Vancouver. So, let's recap: New development studio, new engine, next gen system, faltering franchise... sounds like it could be a recipe for disaster, but let's keep our fingers crossed and hope the game has more in common with the third N64 Turok game than Turok Evolution. However, the studio's founders had a hand in creating the original NBA Street, as well as Def Jam and its sequel. Hey, developers who leave EA to make their own studios can't be THAT bad, right?

A quick search on Propaganda Games at GameStats reveals that apparently not only is 'Turok Next' hitting the Xbox 360, but also the original Xbox, PS2, PSP, and DS. Interesting. Globetechnology interviewed the main men behind the new studio back in July, and they seem to be on the ball when it comes to what Turok fans will be expecting and what they plan to deliver. Let's hope this turns out well for a franchise that's had more than its share of ups and downs."

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