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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Origen Xbox 360 More Than Meets the Eye

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Origen Xbox 360 More Than Meets the Eye

"Earlier today the mystery surrounding Origen Xbox 360 was finally revealed, or was it? After some tinkering around TeamXbox has uncovered what Microsoft really has in store for Europe, and it's much more than 2 spots at Origen. The game has just begun, round one anyway.

Over the course of the weeks to come in October gamers in Europe will have at least four more chances at a trip to Origen, as the game plays out through rounds two and three. Furthermore, it seems as though there will be one lucky grand prize winner taking home the gaming rig of all gaming rigs, worth 10 grand! The 10 grand could be dollars, euros or franks for all we know, but a gaming rig worth 10 thousand anything sounds like a nice deal. At the least we expect an Xbox 360, an HDTV, and a 5.1 surround system.

After looking through http requests made by the flash that makes up the Origen Xbox 360 website, it became clear that all the dialog between the rabbits is stored in an xml file. The xml is very long, and some of it consists of error messages, link titles, and a lot of other very useless text." [more]

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