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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Revolution controller a hit according to Joystiq poll

Revolution controller a hit according to Joystiq poll

"About 10 days ago, we asked our readers to answer the following poll question: “Did Nintendo’s unveiling of the Nintendo Revolution controller bias you for or against the Revolution?” A day after we put up the poll, an early snapshot of the poll revealed that 62% of respondents had a more positive view of Nintendo Revolution because of the controller.

That positive feeling has become more pervasive. Final numbers show that 66% of nearly 7,500 respondents are now more positively disposed towards Nintendo’s next-gen console, slated for release next year.

That’s good news for Nintendo, but with a year or so before the console is released, lots can and will change. They’ll need to show us some games that utilize this controller or the enthusiastic response to it will evaporate."

Anonymous Anonymous
Wow, a sample size of 7500 people. My college had more people enrolled than that ...  

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