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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Perfect Dark Zero loses features

Perfect Dark Zero loses features

"Rare has revealed that some of the features originally planned for the Xbox 360 shooter have had to be removed or downgraded.

An article in the November issue of Edge magazine has revealed that the fifty-player online multiplayer mode promised for Perfect Dark Zero has been scaled down to only 32. While still impressive, the news is a little disappointing. Rare has also had to remove the DataDyne TV mode which would have allowed players to watch games and upload your best matches. The cutbacks have had to be made to get the game ready for the Xbox 360 launch. The console is due in the UK on December 2nd 2005, and Perfect Dark Zero should arrive on or near that date.

According to Rare the fifty-player online mode and the TV mode could both be added via a download over Xbox Live. Both would make excellent downloads, but we'll have to see if that ever happens. For now Rare are hard at work completing the game."

Anonymous Anonymous
Considering most people playing console games online are likely splitting bandwidth in some way shape or form and considering how bogged down online games can get with 10 people or more...I can't see this being a big deal at all. Ever see those gigantic 40+ player PC games? It's mass chaos...and not in a good way.  

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