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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Stop Jack Thompson,!

Stop Jack Thompson,! is a website dedicated to bringing people the truth behind video game violence. This is basically an pro first amendment effort. Gamers come in all ages and games should be rated like movies are. If a game is pornographic in nature, then it should be an Adults Only title. If the game has violence and some "sex scenes" then it should be a Mature Audience title. If Jack Thompson, Hillary Clinton, Joe Lieberman and the rest of those in the same vaccum of thought have their way, we will all be playing Mario clones. Nothing wrong with a good kid franchise, but there should be a choice for us older gamers.

Here is what the website is about in the authors own words...

"About Us

This website is by no means a personal attack on Jack Thompson, Hillary Clinton, Joe Lieberman, or any other person. It is an attack on poor research and ignorant claims. For too long the media and politicians have portrayed videogame players as ignorant, blood-crazed monsters. We decided that it was about time someone stuck up for the average American videogame player.

I have said this all along: the second a report comes out linking violence to videogames, and is completely fault-proof with 100% accuracy, I will announce it on the front page in big bold letters. This endeavor is not about fighting back merely because I play videogames—it is about fighting back because of the yellow journalism used by the other side. is open to contributions from other websites, as well as individual contributions. All articles posted here are guaranteed to be well-researched. To the best of my knowledge, every fact and quote in them is accurate. If you find one that isn’t, send me proof and I will edit/remove it accordingly.

Lastly, the editorials and columns on this website are the personal belief of the writer, and do not reflect the opinion of the entire staff. By reading them, you agree that cannot be held responsible for any offensive comments or speech in them. All submitted editorials/columns, however, must be clear, have proper grammar, and not be plagiarized from another website. Obscenities are also to be limited and used only in appropriate fashion (ie: direct quotes). This website is viewed by people of all ages.

So what's the purpose?

The purpose of this website is to provide the gamer viewpoint on issues such as violence and sex in videogames. For too long the media has bashed games and gamers alike based on false accusations by others, Jack Thompson included. If you couldn't tell, this name is a parody of, Jack Thompson's website. As you can tell from the URL, this website aims to debunk many of the arguments used by people such as Jack Thompson with clear, level headed articles (including ones with research and sources).

We're also accepting editorials on any videogame related issues, censorship related issues, etc. You can find the email on the contact page. The only rule with editorials is they must be written with at least a decent command of grammar, and try to stay away from things like useless obscenities, name-calling, etc. Keep them level header, or at least semi-professional looking. Editorial cartoons are also welcome.

Thank you for visiting the website, and it is my hope that you can leave here with more knowledge and a new outlook on the topic of violence and sex in videogames."

Here is what the site has to say about it's purpose...

"This site's purpose is to give you the means to contact Miami attorney Jack Thompson if you know of someone harmed as a result of violent entertainment, including violent video games.

One current horrific example is a video game made available by Sony and Take-Two Interactive called Manhunt. This game allows you to train yourself to kill people by placing plastic bags over their heads while you watch them struggle while suffocating.

You may be a parent whose child is addicted to video games. You may know someone harmed by someone addicted to violent entertainment who copycatted that violence. The victim, whoever it is, needs help. Jack Thompson will assist in getting that person help."

The problem with this is that people could very easily say that they are copycatting violence they read in Shakespeare's Hamlet or Othello. At that point do we bring back book burnings? Who would decide for us what is too violent? At some point parents and kids have to take responsibility, but in our litigious society this might be too much to ask for. Especially if you are fishing for a pay-day.

Now don't peg me as insensitive. I think violence is just as abohorable as anyone. I just don't think people should get a pass on justice just because they point fingers at the latest video game.

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