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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Han Solo Smuggles the Revolution Specifications from Nintendo

Han Solo Smuggles the Revolution Specifications from Nintendo

Evidently a certain Factor 5 emplyee, a Mario deep throat if you will, known as "Han Solo" has got the dibbs on the Nintendo Revolution "System 1" specifications. In a forum post on, he speaks of these specs being the most updated ones. Previous incarnations were stronger hardware-wise, but Nintendo is trying to cut some of the cost out of the Revolution.

System 1:
Modified Specifications

1 x IBM Custom PowerPC 2.5 GHz (Dual Threaded)
13 billion dot product operations per second

Cache Memory

256 KB L1 cache
1 MB of L2 cache
L3 cache - unconfirmed

600 MHz ATI Custom based RN520 core
The "N" stands for Nintendo (ArtX team is involved)
2048x1268 Maximum Resolution
Hi Def support - unconfirmed
256 MB 1T-SRAM
Low 1.2 ns latency with efficient Cell architechture
32 parallel floating-point dynamically scheduled shader pipelines
500 Million triangles per second theoretical
100 Million triangles per second practical
~50 billion shader operations per second Shader Performance

512 MB of 700 MHz 1T-SRAM

Revolution will support a PPU chip or Physical Processing Chip.
32 MB dedicated RAM.
Note: Link directly to the CPU, GPU and the Controller

Integrated DSP support only DD 5.1 – DTS 7.1
16 MB dedicated DSP memory (simular to the GameCube DSP) - unconfirmed

How this will compare to the Xbox 360 and the PS3 remains to be seen. Nintendo has already gone on record of not wanting to be involved with the hardware race. Their entry into the next-generation will rely more on innovation then raw hardware power. Interesting point is this is the only system so far that will impliment Physics processing on the die, rather then software.

Link: G4 Forums - Now we need specs for the revolution.
(About 2/3 - 3/4 down the page, post by Han_Solo.)

Blogger Matt
Hm...CPU isn't as good as the Xbox 360 or PS3. It does have memory than the 360 though. 304 MB more to be exact. It also has the same ammount of L2 cache, but running only two threads instead or 6. Honestly, the games will probably look about as good as the games on the 360.  

Anonymous Anonymous
Read IGN Gamcubes current mailbag and you will see that Factor5 denies "Han Solo" as being an employee and goes as far as saying they will take legal action if he continues with his story.  

Anonymous Anonymous
Well then why would they want to take legal actiaon IF he is wrong and a fake? Why cant they ignore him, or are they so nerdy they have to try and "hurt" a guy on the internet. Thats pretty immature if you ask me.

I think he knows what hes talking about  

Anonymous Bob
It's more along the lines of slander, maybe Nintendo could be inferring that these specifications were incorrect to the main system and would either build up to something that would make the current market believe they were getting something better, or maybe it could have been insulting their system specifications, depending on how Nintendo has succeeded with their new system.  

Anonymous Anonymous
If these specifications are too optimistic ( which I think is the case ) , It makes sense that Nintendo doesn't wants them to spread.  

Anonymous Anonymous
It doen't matter if the specs are right or wrong.
If Han Solo is really leaking information from Nintendo (unlikely anyway), then why is he wasting time posting it on here when he can sell the info to the press. Nintendo have every right to stop this guy, no matter whether he's telling the truth or not.  

Anonymous Anonymous
nights into revolution  

Anonymous Anonymous
they need to upgrad the cpu at a later
date the ram is fine the maxum resolution fits having 32 piplines
the back of the wii has no hdmi

they engernerd it
av could do what ever they engernerd
it to do
how saya av can not do vga

we can not help han salo
we dot want to no what we dont no  

Anonymous Anonymous
Err guys, Han solo was a character in a George Lucas film. It seems doubtful that someone who "did the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs" is going to be working in a game console factory!

Sheesh kebab.  

Anonymous Anonymous
> Han solo isn't his real name!

Well of course it isn't. He was played by the actor Harrison Ford - still unconnected with Nintendo!

Sheesh Kebab.  

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