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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Origen Xbox 360 exposed

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Origen Xbox 360 exposed

"The countdown reaches 0, obviously followed by a boom.

For several weeks, Microsoft has carried out yet another of its very original and somewhat bizarre marketing campaigns. In the same line as to promote Halo 2, the company launched featuring a tree, a countdown and two green rabbits. Yes.

Today the countdown reached the end of the line and was followed by a new version of the website. The OrigenXbox360 is a competition to participate in the launch of Xbox 360. The new website features the same two rabbits as the original. The smallest of them is now called Didier. The two share an interesting dialogue about eating a fruit and going to a place called Origen. Origen is described as the place where the wildest gaming fantasies are brought to life. It is not open to the general public, only to people who discover the path. And there are many paths, with several hints available on the website. When you click on the golden fruit in the tree behind the rabbits, you are taken to a test after experiencing a most pleasant and psychedelic dance from Didier.

In the test, you first have to separate wild rumours from actual facts about the Xbox 360. Afterwards, you have to complete the following sentence "The Xbox 360 is the best thing since..." in the most original way your imagination is able to. Writing "Boomtown" will without a doubt get you very far, but other suggestion will probably be accepted as well. Finally, you input your personal details and enter the competition.

A hint of the prizes can be found in the competition terms on the website. The two prizes consist of a one person trip to an event celebrating the launch of Xbox 360 in the United States. This goes on for three nights in November 2005."


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