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Friday, September 09, 2005

Origen Xbox 360 Counting Down to the Announcement of Halo 3?

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Origen Xbox 360 Counting Down to the Announcement of Halo 3?

"Earlier this week, we reported about the latest update to the Origen Xbox 360 website, in which the teaser site had a phrase in Latin placed in one of the tree branches (you can go now to and right click on the tree and select Zoom In. Do that three times over the branch near the bottom). The phrase in question was:

in hoc spatio arbor noster floruit, fecundus pomies Elysii ignoti, qui in loco ludent electi, ab Originis angelis circumdati.

That would translate in English as:

In this space our tree has flourished abundant with the unknown fruits of Elysium, who will play in the chosen place, surrounded by the angels of Origen.

Although that sounds like a suggestion to either the rumored stores that will open on Tokyo and New York’s Time Square, or the first Xbox 360 kiosk appearing in stores, a new clue gives us a third option.

Kirill Wiser emailed us to inform us that Elysium is the name of the city in which John Spartan-117, aka Master Chief, grew up before being replaced with a flash clone in order to join the Spartan II program on Reach.

When we first discovered the Latin phrase in Origen Xbox 360, we immediately associated it with the Greek term. In Greek mythology, the Elysium (the spelling Elysium is a Latinization of the Greek word Elysion) are the Elysians Fields, the place where the mortals favored by the gods can go when they die. It is a peaceful and beautiful place similar to the modern concept of paradise.

One can understand why Bungie chose that name for the city in which Master Chief grew up but now the connection with Origen Xbox 360 is remarkable.

Interestingly too, the name of Halo 2 third and final boss is Tartarus, which again in Greek Mythology, is the opposite of the Elysium, the Underworld zone of eternal torment, where the greatest sinners were punished for their transgressions.

So now a new question rise: Is the Origen Xbox 360 web site counting down to the official announcement of Halo 3 on September 27th? Well, in only three weeks we’ll find out what Origen Xbox 360 is all about."

Anonymous Danny
Someone has finally made headway in our search to answer the unknown...

Everyone seems to ignore the fact that we are looking at this from a historical standpoint...(latin language, greek mythology, etc.)

Allow me to make several other observations that lead me to believe that this is indeed a countdown to a halo 3 OR prequal announcement (I'll explain that idea later).

~the greeks spoke Latin, which would explain the reason for a latin phrase. Seems pretty straight forward...

~At the same point in History, another civilization co-existed with the Greek civilization...The country of Sparta...and does anyone remember what their soldiers were called? Spartans...the same as the masterchief...this also leads me to a'll see...

~Once again the name of the city that John Spartan 117 is from is Elysium city...once again, which appears in the Fall of reach. A novel that explains the events leading up to Halo.

So why a prequal? It seems that everyone wants to pull a George Lucas these days, so why Bungie and why Halo?

~If you look at the latin phrase, it says:

In this space our tree has flourished abundant with the unknown fruits of Elysium, who will play in the chosen place, surrounded by the angels of Origen.

This "space" could be referring to the beginning of halo...which has grown literally from the ground up only to become the title to be beat to this date.

The sites name, origen, could actually give a hint to the meaning of the hole thing as well...
Origen Adamantius was a Christian scholar and theologian and one of the most distinguished of the Fathers of the early Christian Church. He was born about 182, probably at Alexandria, and died at Caesarea not later than 251. His writings are important as the first serious intellectual attempt to describe Christianity.

So how does he tie into this? Well, the tree has flourished with the unknown fruits of elysium (referring to the spartans home world). BUT many people often questioned the reason for such hatred between the Covenant and the Humans...yes, Halo 2 did elaborate upon some aspects of the plot but it left many grey areas that are still a mystery...UNKNOWN, if you will. A prequal could actually show you the first time the humans engaged combat with the covenant. Such a prequal would elaborate on the beliefs and religion of the INTELLECTUAL view point behind the covenant and their struggle...the reason for their belief of the great journey, and possibly an explanation of who the forerunners are.

NOW, reasons that it could actually be a forewarning of halo we go!

~We've already determined that the fruits of Elysium are the Spartans or the Master chief's Halo 3 could possibly introduce a new version of the spartan program OR a Spartan that was not actually eliminated in the first place...


"who will play in the chosen place, surrounded by the angels of origen."

Where did they say that ark was that was capable of detonating every ring? ON EARTH...the chosen place where WE will play! (I'm using the exact text in case you can't tell) then it goes on to say, "surrounded by the angels of origen..." leading me to believe that halo 3 will neglect the viewpoint of the covenant and focus on the foundation on which halo ORIGinated...the hatred that exists between the humans and the elites. A darker, grittier, more intense atmosphere then any other game. The angels of origen? The forerunners were SUPPOSEDLY wiped out according to one of the monitor installations...but what if there is a twist and one fleet of forerunners just happened to survive the rings' detonation...they would be ANGELS to the covenant because the covenant praise the forerunners. The would be the Angels of origin to the humans because they designed and created the ring...

I know that some of this is a stretch, but I just thought that I would share my thoughts with others. Everything is based upon true facts and events within the Halo storyline.


Anonymous Matt
But, there are also several clues throughout the Halo storyline that would lead us to believe that the Human race is directly decendant from the Forerunner. After reading your comment I come to the conclusion that it would make much more sense (if it was meant to be interperated in this way) for the majority of the game to be from the Covenant perspective... As they would "play in this chosen place" and be surrounded by humans, like you said, "Angels" to the covenant (assuming Humans are the Forerunner).

Origen's angels could be something completely different... Origen wrote the book on Christianity, he was essentially the first one to try to document the faith, BUT how would that related to humanity? The Covenant seem to fit in this clue better, as they are the keepers of the "faith" created by the Forerunner. One definition for "forerunner" is a person who goes before or announces the coming of another... They could have tried to speak of the humans, or warn of the flood perhaps. But if they kept record of the coming of the humans, the Covenant may have misinterperated it and either believed the Humans were a great evil, or they plain want to kill them off to become the heirs to the forerunner.  

Blogger Mykal
While i agree with what u said danny. i have another theory. You see i found some of Origen's work. He belived that humans were fallen angels and that demons were angels that have fallen further. The covenant call the MC demon. Now the part about the florished tree of unknown fruits. I think that that may mean that they have made more spartans. (the spartan three project) Any way humans never really got to kno the other spartans before they got wiped out which would explain the UNKNOWN fruits. One other thing how come tehe covenant kno all about the rings and where they are and they happen to fear humans thats why they want to destroy them. Could it be that humans built the rings but were killed and thats why we dont kno about them?  

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