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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Next-Gen Grand Theft Auto Tid Bit

Next-Gen Grand Theft Auto Tid Bit

Karl Winters with Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of developer Rockstar Games, wasn't willing to reveal exact plans for the next-gen installment of GTA, but the quote below does leave open the possiblity for the next installment to be on a next-generation console. More on this when it comes available.
"Take-Two's report also offered some tantalizing tidbits of grist for the rumor mill by revealing several previously unknown, currently unidentified games. The third quarter of its 2006 fiscal year will see "a sequel of a Rockstar brand" ship, while the overall year will see "two new titles for the PSP system."

Last but definitely not least, Take-Two's next fiscal year will see "extensions of the Grand Theft Auto franchise" on unidentified platforms, according to its earnings report. But when asked by analysts if this meant a new console GTA was coming next year, chief financial officer Karl Winters demurred, saying only, "We haven't announced that yet ... [we have] no announcement beyond PSP Grand Theft Auto.""
Link: Take-Two loses $28.8 million, hints at new GTAs

Anonymous Anonymous

Anonymous Anonymous
They're not going to use a real city. Not going to happen. San Andreas had areas so similar to Vegas that it hurt...yet they didn't want to. They were looking at the option and scrapped it. Real cities = real inaccuracies. Nobody wants to spend 45 minutes driving through a "real" city to get to a mission, so they make realistic but fake ones.
San Andreas was realistic, but everything was on a 1/5 scale to avoid pointless driving through filler space.
I'd suspect they'll either have an entire country (split into different 6-7 cities or levels)or maybe a whole region of the US. We could also see a European flair with multiple countries.
They have to top San Andreas. They know it and so do we. SA had 3 full cities (and surrounding areas), so they're going to have to at least double that to make a true next-gen game.  

Anonymous Anonymous

Anonymous Anonymous

Anonymous Anonymous
this will be so cool if grand theft auto comes to ps3.more weapons...more free roam...more missions ...more cool cars...more EVERYTHING!  

Anonymous Anonymous
Jack-Turner shepherd rules 4 eva O.K  

Anonymous Anonymous
ya know i really dont think that the next gta would be in london,NY,
or anyother major and minor cities.
because if you look at GTA3 vice city and sanandreas are'nt actual maps of realcities. And what I think is rockstar put this little
phoney picture to make people think just like in the gameinformer they put "GTASINCITY".  

Anonymous Anonymous
yo dey already had a gta london
dey also already had a gta nyc
liberty city (gta3) is new york city  

Anonymous Anonymous
great stuff but what they really need to do is get some cositancies in their storie lines san andreas was poor in this way vice city had a far better story lets see new york, new jersey and newark with the diffrent gangs and crime familys also they really need to imporve their physics engine make and most of all keep rap off the soundtrack  

Anonymous Anonymous
well if they make another gta then ill be happy.  

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