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Friday, September 02, 2005

Q&A: Ageia CEO Manju Hegde

Q&A: Ageia CEO Manju Hegde

"CEO talks about the PhysX processing unit, the PlayStation 3, and getting developers to support the Ageia PhysX PPU.

Physics technology startup Ageia has had a busy summer getting its PhysX software development kit into the hands of anyone who has come within five yards of a game-development workstation. Mythic Entertainment, Quantic Dream, and Digital Jesters have signed on in recent weeks, joining the growing ranks of PhysX SDK developers, which already include Epic Games, Ubisoft, Cryptic Studios, and Ritual Entertainment. Earlier this year Sony announced that it was including an optimized version of the Ageia PhysX SDK with the PlayStation 3 SDK.

Developers can use the Ageia SDK to add physics effects and interactive gameplay elements to their games. While one imagines that most developers will be using the SDK primarily for CPU software acceleration without a dedicated physics processor, games using the Ageia PhysX SDK will have built-in support for physics hardware acceleration. Ageia must have this application support to give gamers a reason to buy a PhysX PPU card.

GameSpot caught up with Manju Hegde, Ageia founder and CEO, for an e-mail interview to discuss the current status of the PhysX processor and his predictions for physics-accelerated games."

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