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Saturday, September 17, 2005

TGS 2005: PS3 controller still not final

TGS 2005: PS3 controller still not final

"PlayStation 3 remains under glass in Tokyo, tiny sign tells the tale.

While this year's Tokyo Game Show was expected to serve as the unveiling of playable PlayStation 3 games, the only PlayStation 3 controller at the show is sitting behind a Plexiglas window in front of the theater that's showing a running loop of PlayStation 3 trailers.

While the months since E3 have led to much discussion about the controller's design, Sony apparently isn't ready to set the boomerang design down in stone as the final controller for its upcoming console. Right next to the display controller at TGS 2005 is a small sign that reads, 'conceptual design.'

We'll have more from the Tokyo Game Show 2005 this weekend." [link]

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