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Friday, October 28, 2005

Epic VP slams Nintendo Revolution controller [Activision & EA]

Epic VP slams Nintendo Revolution controller

"Also accuses Activision and EA of 'mismanagement and incompetence'

Epic Games VP Mark Rein has unleashed stinging attacks on the Nintendo Revolution controller, the PS3 prototype controller and rivals Activision and Electronic Arts.

Speaking at an IGN Live event about the 'freestyle' controller, Mark Rein told the audience: "Don't kid yourself - you're going to see more gimmicky, crappy, cheap, I-wish-I-hadn't-bought-it gimmick games based around that controller than you can ever possibly imagine.

"I guarantee you there's going to be lots of people who say the whole reason for this game is this controller, we made the perfect game for the controller. And all it'll be is about the controller, and not necessarily a great game."

That said, Rein continued, "Nintendo, you know, is going to make amazing games. I mean that's a given." Rein then conducted a quick audience survey to find out how many people present owned a GameCube - and found that rather a large number of hands were raised.

He then asked everyone who also owned a PS2 or Xbox to put their hands down - and concluded that under ten per cent of the audience were Cube owners only.

"Hard to make a business on less than 10 per cent," Rein said.

When asked if he could envisage an FPS controller that might beat the classic mouse and keyboard combination, Rein replied: "I could, but it's not the Nintendo Revolution controller... Didn't you see when Iwata-san held it up? The two controllers are the little wand controller and the other one is a joystick - and it's a joystick with a bunch of ribs under it.

"Remember the one that nearly destroyed your thumb on the Dreamcast, and on the N64 remember how after you played a game for a couple of hours you had to suck your thumb for a month? It's that kind of controller."

Another developer on the panel argued that the Revolution controller would indeed suit FPS games perfectly, but Rein stuck to his guns. Holding up an Xbox 360 pad, to whoops and cheers from the audience, he proclaimed: "This is the Xbox 360 controller, and there's nothing wrong with it.

"It works just fine for playing games, and it works fine for first-person shooter games, as evidenced by the fact that they sold more first-person shooters on consoles than anybody's ever sold on PCs."" [more]

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