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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Kojima Developing Revolution Game

Kojima Developing Revolution Game

"MGS man latest to declare his intentions for Nintendo's next gen.

Support for the Nintendo Revolution is growing. Just as Japanese developers couldn’t wait to explore the possibilities of the DS, more people are now putting their names down to create unique experiences for the forthcoming home console.

The latest big name to announce his support is Hideo Kojima, creator of Metal Gear Solid, one of this generation’s biggest franchises. Speaking to US magazine Game Informer, he confirmed that he and his Acid team are working on a project for the Revolution console. The system still has no release date, with estimates ranging from an optimistic spring 2006 to a downright defeatist summer 2007.

Kojima has been quick to embrace new technological ideas in games. He was the brains behind the vampire hunting Boktai games on the GBA, which used a light dependant resistor to increase your abilities if you played the game in direct sunlight. He was cagey when pressed for further details on the embryonic Rev project, but it would be something of a departure if he was to take the franchise he is best known for away from the PlayStation." [link]

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