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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

When Will Nintendo Revolution Appear?

When Will Nintendo Revolution Appear?

Free Image Hosting at"Unlike its big brothers, Nintendo doesn’t quite rush on the market. Microsoft and Sony (especially the first) are trying to bring the next generation consoles into the gamers’ houses as quickly as possible, but Nintendo is waiting for the second half of 2006.

In fact, if we are to believe the information provided by Kotaku, it seems that Nintendo is to be expected for the end of 2006. Given the circumstances, if the end of 2005 will belong exclusively to Xbox 360, it’s likely that Nintendo Revolution will be the revelation of the 2006 holidays.

For now, the only thing known about Nintendo Revolution is that it will come with a new wonder-controller, which looks like a classic remote. The company hopes that this device will be the “hook” to attract as many gamers as possible.

There are also some rumors on the Internet regarding the tech specs to be offered by Nintendo Revolution, but there hasn’t been any official confirmation.

As for Play Station 3, the launching date is still shrouded in mystery, the rumors pointing out to the spring of 2006. Or perhaps Sony wants to see Xbox 360’s impact before taking a decision.

Anyway, if the companies stick to this schedule, Nintendo Revolution may have the most to win, the company being able to take advantage of Xbox 360’s mistakes and Sony Play Station 3’s indecisions." [more]

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