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Friday, October 21, 2005

Mario Paint For Revolution

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Mario Paint For Revolution

"RUMOR: Will we see a Revolution version of the series?

Spong reported today that Nintendo told the site that it was developing both Nintendo DS and Nintendo Revolution versions of Mario Paint.

“The project is at a turning point. The original plan is to make a DS update to Mario Paint on the Super Famicom which would seem an obvious thing to do. This would be a quite large application containing drawing, animation and music software,” continued our source.

“Nintendo now feels it might be better to release three titles, one for painting, one for animation and one for making music. It’s not decided as to which plan will be followed,” a source within the company told Spong.

According to the site, the Revolution Mario Paint will be a community-building experience that employs full 3D modeling.

“Yes, there is a plan for Mario Paint on Nintendo Revolution as well, as it is believed that the controller lends itself perfectly to creative software. Of course this will be with 3D options rather than just 2D, though the plan would be for Revolution and DS versions of Mario Paint to communicate in some way.”

AMN readers should keep in mind that this is unconfirmed and should be treated as a rumor." [link]

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