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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Nintendo Revolution Controller: Satoru Iwata Video Feature

Nintendo Revolution Controller: Satoru Iwata Video Feature

"Take a look at the Revolution controller in more detail in this little video we've put together.

The shock was pretty tangible inside the Makuhari Messe conference room when Nintendo President Satoru Iwata announced the controller for Nintendo Revolution. The next-gen Nintendo console's control device had been the subject of intense speculation, debate and even mockery for months, and although some aspects (such as motion sensing) had been vaguely guessed at, the full impact of what the new controller is, and what it will offer, blew us away

Much as Nintendo itself expected, reaction among gamers has been mixed - some simply cannot see how the new controller will be as good for playing traditional platform or fighting games, while others can't wait to embrace the new way of playing and see what new gameplay styles it will cook up, in much the same way as Nintendo DS was a step in a 'different' direction. Some, meanwhile, are excited to see how it will broaden the market in general." [more]

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