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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Revolution Uses GCN Dev Kits

Revolution Uses GCN Dev Kits

Free Image Hosting at"Shigeru Miyamoto talks about developing software for Nintendo Revolution in a new interview.
In an interview with, Shigeru Miyamoto has disclosed new information on the Nintendo Revolution development process. According to the Nintendo mastermind, Revolution software development can take place on existing GameCube development kits.

When asked about the Revolution lineup compared to the Nintendo DS lineup, Miyamoto had this to say.

“The one advantage we have in this area is that the Revolution development can actually be done on the Game Cube development environment. So the development kits are going to have a very similar structure to the Game Cube development kits, which makes it very easy for people who have started projects on the Game Cube development kits to just switch over the interface and continue working and have those games ready for the Revolution. We’re thinking that we’re going to be able to have a pretty strong launch.”

The interview with Miyamoto also touches on a number of different subjects, ranging from Nintendogs to the Mario universe. You can read the full interview by clicking here.

Nintendo Revolution is set to launch sometime next year. New details on the system’s Wi-Fi plan as well as the official name for the system are expected to be revealed by the end of the year. We’ll have more as it develops."

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