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Saturday, October 08, 2005

X05: Raft Of Titles Confirmed For Xbox 360

X05: Raft Of Titles Confirmed For Xbox 360

"Alone in the Dark, Pro Evo 6, Bioware`s Mass Effect part of a selection of Xbox 360 titles announced in Amsterdam...

As the evening at the end of the first day ay X05 draws in, the event has seen a raft of Xbox 360 titles receive confirmation and unveilings via an extended teaser trailer including:

* Crackdown (Real Time Worlds)
* Too Human (Silicon Knights)
* Mass Effect (Bioware)
* Tomb Raider Legend
* Castle Wolfenstein (id)
* King Kong (Ubisoft)
* Alone in the Dark (Atari)
* Pro Evolution Soccer 6 (Konami)

Currently in development at David Jones’ Real Time Worlds, Crackdown joins Silicon Knights’ Too Human and Bioware’s new RPG Mass Effect as Xbox 360 exclusive titles. Set in the 23rd Century, Mass Effect is set a time when an ancient evil re-emerges as mankind enters a new era, and though the lack of actual gameplay footage means that this cannot be confirmed, it does seem to follow in the same vein as Knights of the Old Republic and Jade Empire – which certainly isn’t a bad thing.

The announcement that Alone in the Dark will be making its debut on a Microsoft console follows recent news that the franchise will be released on PlayStation3, whilst id’s so-called ‘original’ title is set in the Wolfenstein universe and is the first time that a console game will be fronted by the company.

Release dates for all of the Xbox 360 at X05 are yet to be set in stone, with some games expected to be launched within the first six-months of the consoles launch right up to this time next year." [Link]

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