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Sunday, November 27, 2005

'Kameo' makes impressive debut on Xbox 360

'Kameo' makes impressive debut on Xbox 360

"If Microsoft Game Studios' Kameo: Elements of Power is any indication, the new Microsoft Xbox 360 video game console has an incredibly bright future.

In this fantasy action-adventure game, you take on the role of Kameo, a young female elf princess who sets off on a journey to rescue her family from the evil Thorn, the self-appointed king of the Trolls. It appears Kameo's wicked sister, Kalus, who is envious of her younger sibling's popularity, is also in cahoots with Thorn.

Kameo has the ability to morph into various warriors. This shape-shifting skill comes in handy as she will face many enemies and obstacles on her quest, each requiring a different strategy. While scaling a castle wall, for example, Kameo must change into Major Ruin, an armadillo-like animal who can turn into a ball to roll up ramps and access small tunnels. Then, Kameo turns into a giant yeti named Chilla who can shoot icicles to activate a button atop an iron gate in order to raise it. But when the gate only raises a few inches, Kameo must then morph into Pummel Weed, a small plant creature that can crawl under such areas.

While Kameo can only morph into four of her alter egos at the beginning of the game, six more become unlocked later, including a fiery dragon and a monster made out of rock." [more]

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