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Saturday, November 12, 2005

MGM joins Blu-ray camp

MGM joins Blu-ray camp

"Sony technology grabs the lion's share

MGM has become the latest sign up to the Blu-ray camp, but the move has long been expected since Sony, one of Blu-Ray's main backers, owns part of the studio.

MGM has joined Sony, Walt Disney and Twentieth Century Fox in committing to releasing only in the Blu-ray format.

Warner Brothers and Paramount Pictures have said they will release films and other content in both formats, while Universal Studios will support the HD DVD format exclusively.

'Adopting this new Blu-ray technology with its expanded storage capacity and increased interactive capabilities allows us to continue to provide our customers with the best movie viewing experience available,' said Harry Sloan, chairman and chief executive at MGM Studios.

But all is not lost for HD DVD. Microsoft and Intel are still supporting the standard, as are a number of PC manufacturers.

One possible outcome is for one standard to dominate in corporate computing while the other is used exclusively for consumer entertainment." [link]

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