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Friday, November 11, 2005

Microsoft declines to comment on UK Xbox 360 shipments

Microsoft declines to comment on UK Xbox 360 shipments

"UK Xbox boss Neil Thompson has said that the Xbox 360 will be hard to get hold of this Christmas.

A rumour has been doing the rounds that the UK is only going to receive 50,000 Xbox 360 units for the console's December 2 launch. This would result in huge shortages, and leave many people disappointed. UK Xbox boss Neil Thompson hasn't commented on the actual number of Xbox 360s available at the UK launch, but has said they will be hard to get.

"Xbox 360 is the hottest gift this Christmas and will be hard to find - but we're working hard to ensure there's a regular replenishment of stock to retail," said Thompson.

The rumour of only 50,000 units for the UK launch comes from the Official Xbox Magazine website which claims the source of the information is a representative form a leading UK videogame retailer. The source also says that pre-ordering may not help you get a console at launch.

"We started taking pre-orders for Xbox 360 back at the start of summer, and by the end of June one store already had 300," said the unnamed source. "Customers can still put their names down for an Xbox 360, but we can't guarantee that they'll get their system before Christmas."

Thompson declined to comment on the rumour and stated: "Microsoft does not have an official Xbox 360 presale program and we are unable to verify the status of these retailer programs."" [link]

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