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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Kameo Xbox 360 story coming to podcast

Kameo Xbox 360 story coming to podcast

"GAMERS interested in the upcoming Xbox 360 exclusive, Kameo: Elements of Power will now be able to download podcasts detailing the story via the official site.

These podcasts will be available for download from the main Kameo website, here. The first chapter details the secrets of the "Wotnot Book" a magical text which manages to control both nature and the practically eponymous Elemental Warriors. The rest of the episode deals with storyline introduction and details about the Element of Power, a unique gem which, conveniently enough, allows the possessor to transform into any of the Warriors contained in the Book.

Overall the story is relatively straightforward, which is no tremendous surprise, but the quality and style in which the podcasts have been put together lends some weight to the storyline described. The fact that there are to be eight chapters in the Kameo story means that there will almost certainly be some elaboration on the story players won't find in the game. Personally, I'm a fan of any game that goes the extra mile, even if it is just a PR stunt to include the i-Pod generation. Several of Kameo's voice actors have featured in the audio rundown already, so listeners will be familiar with game characters and their voices before they ever need play it. A simple story so far, but with any luck we'll see some elaboration on the theme of, "bad things happen, only you can save us now"." [link]

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