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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Fable 2 Details Emerge?

Fable 2 Details Emerge?

"UNCONFIRMED: Molyneux has supposedly let slip on new gameplay details.

CGV have received information from an announymous source claiming to have recently interviewed Peter Molyneux. The acclaimed developer supposedly let slip on gameplay details pertaining to Fable 2, which will arrive on the Xbox 360 system sometime in the future.

According to the source, the game will have you start as a young boy once more, although this time in a different area and not in Oakvale. However, you won't be alone throughout this adventure, a young puppy will accompany you through until the end.

The way in which you interact with the Fable universe will not only change the appearance of your character this time around, but also that of your dog. If you're good, you'll have a loving dog for company, but if you're more of a bad boy, man's best friend will take the shape of an evil hound from hell.

The Advanced Media Network will have more on the second title in a so-far highly ambitious series, as it breaks." [link]

Blogger FalseProphecy
You know, if this is true, it'll add SOME variety to the game, but they should be more adaptive than that. The whole pet idea seems like a rip off from Black and White. Come up with something people WANTED from the last game. Examples:
- Choose your gender (My friend, who is a girl and does play games, really wanted a kickass dominatrix character. You broke her fragile woman heart.)
- Free-roaming environments instead of paths like you promised the first time?  

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