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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

More Prototype Xbox 360 Designs

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More Prototype Xbox 360 Designs

"Next Generation has obtained high res images of some of the later phase designs for Xbox 360 that didn't make the cut.

ImageWhat we were looking for were better images of the prototypes we ran last week. What we got were high res images of completely different prototypes that weren't used as the final design for Xbox 360 (which is also good).

While some of these designs have been seen in other media (notably a great piece at Idle Thumbs with Microsoft designer, Jonathan Hayes), we hadn't seen them in high res where you can actually see the details on the product finishes, the ports and vents, etc.

It's an interesting look at the design iterations that lead to the finished product. The third picture is very close to the final design." [more]

3 images here, 3 more via the link.

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