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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Microsoft to host Xbox 360 launch event in desert

Microsoft to host Xbox 360 launch event in desert

"Microsoft announced late Monday evening that the company will host an invite-only Xbox 360 launch event for 3,000 gamers in the Mojave Desert.

The event, 'Xbox 360: Zero Hour', will take place from Nov. 20 to Nov. 22 at an undisclosed location and feature hundreds of gaming stations, live entertainment, and 'round-the-clock gaming.

Gamers can enter to win credentials to the event at and registering at a participating site. Winners will join VIPs who cracked Microsoft's viral marketing campaigns to experience the new console.

Best Buy, a retail partner of the launch event, will be onsite to sell Xbox 360 consoles, games and peripherals at Zero Hour.

Publishers including 2K Sports, Activision, Capcom, EA, Microsoft, Namco Sega, and Tecmo will have products to demonstrate at the event. Highlights include the first 32-player online match of Perfect Dark Zero and live demonstrations of Activision's Gears of War.

'Our goal with the launch event is to reward the gamer by creating the ultimate Xbox 360 oasis,' said Peter Moore, Microsoft corporate vice president, Worldwide Marketing and Publishing for Xbox, who will be celebrating at the event with J Allard, Microsoft corporate vice president and chief XNA architect.

'Gamers at 'Zero Hour' will have bragging rights to say 'I spent over 24 hours at the epicenter of the gaming universe, and I was among the first generation of the next generation of gaming.''" [link]

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