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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Begun this Console War has.. GTA IS CONFIRMED EXCLUSIVE.

Begun this Console War has.. GTA IS CONFIRMED EXCLUSIVE.

Free Image Hosting at"Hi folks, Cooper Hawkes here walking tall, feeling awesome, and with full knowledge that his Eric Cartmen singing will not happen because:

CONFIRMED: Next Generation Grand Theft Auto WILL BE Exclusive to the PlayStation 3

Earlier today I received a phone call from a source at one of the companies mentioned in my previous article. We had a very nice conversation regarding gaming and the next generation, and my original article on Grand Theft Auto being exclusive to the PlayStation 3.

The source was kind enough to confirm it.

One change of underwear later, here I am telling you all, in as humble a fashion as I can muster:


And so: The Console War truly begins: 13 days before the Xbox 360 launches, and Sony gets the biggest North American coup. This will change many things for many casual gamers." [link]

Anonymous Anonymous
yeah like dude i can see where you are coming from. i'm going to wait like 18 months dude for a new console just because it has a gta exclusive.

that's like a huge coup for sony dude. my buddies and i will all cancel our xbox 360 orders and wait like 18 months for the ps3 dude.

phew that was like just in time dude. thanks for passing on the info dude.  

Anonymous Anonymous
One week before getting their mits on a 360 you think people are going to cancel their order because one year down the line they may have to wait a few months extra for a game?
What planet are you on?

Besides Xbox has its fair share of TRUE exclusives dont forget and the PS3 will be much more expensive!  

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