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Friday, November 11, 2005

Xbox 360 game Kameo a best-seller at EB Games

Xbox 360 game Kameo a best-seller at EB Games

"The Xbox 360 may not be on store shelves yet, but it may have its first best-selling title.

Kameo: Elements of Power, a launch title released earlier this week to retail stores, has made the best seller list.

The game, which features a shape-shifting female character, was developed by Rare, who is also responsible for the anticipated Perfect Dark Zero.

Microsoft announced Tuesday that retailers have begun selling Xbox 360 games, accessories, and Xbox Live offerings in advance of the console's launch on Nov. 22.

Online stores have sold out of Xbox 360 launch systems and retailers expect a shortage this holiday season for the in-demand item.

Microsoft will host a two-day Xbox 360 launch event in the middle of the Mojave Desert on Nov. 20 where attendees can try out new Xbox 360 software and purchase systems from event sponsor Best Buy." [link]

Blogger Clint Thompson
Man... Rare is sooo getting over on their early release of the game when the system isn't even out yet.

Truthfully I dont' even think the game is "all that" but it is a game I guess and people want to ensure they have something to play when they get their 360... (IF.. they can get a 360)

Clint Thompson  

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