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Friday, November 11, 2005

Halo would look better on Xbox 360

Halo would look better on Xbox 360

"Rumors have been floating on the internet that the next generation gaming console from the software giant Microsoft, the Xbox 360 would feature enhanced graphics and gaming experience for the original Halo and Halo 2 games. These games are for the currently generation Xbox and Microsoft is in the process of developing the third of this very popular gaming series.

Bungie has confirmed that these rumors are correct and Xbox 360 would feature backward compatibility and graphical enhancements for the first two games in its award winning Halo franchise. There are also reports that not all the current generation games for Xbox would end up working nicely on the Xbox 360 gaming console due to be launched later this month on November 22.

Bungie is celebrating the first anniversary of their Halo 2 game for the Xbox and they have specifically mentioned on their website that both the original Halo and Halo 2 will be compatible with the new console, including Xbox Live play for Halo 2. And these games would be able to take advantage of the new machine’s capabilities and will feature widescreen support, 720p (progressive-scan) support, and full-scene anti-aliasing to smooth over any jagged edges.

Bungie said in a statement: “We didn’t redo any of the old textures or geometry - this is simply the game you already own, running at a higher resolution. The results are not miraculous, but for owners of HDTVs (or VGA monitors with the appropriate cable) they are sweet.” They also have a section on their website showing the graphical differences between the two consoles when playing the same game on them." [link]

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