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Thursday, November 17, 2005

PlayStation 3 Pad a Double-Bluff? [Possible Redesign at CES]

PlayStation 3 Pad a Double-Bluff?

"Re-design hides secret? Or is it just rubbish?

More Internet chat lighting up the wires overnight, this time revolving around the PlayStation 3 controller and the general belief that it is ‘a bit shit.’ According to reports surfacing in the past 24 hours, Sony could well have a surprise up its sleeve, planning a redesign of the loathed interface to emerge in the coming months.

Sony was quick to explain that the PlayStation 3 pad was only a conceptual design, though of course its rivals and naysayers were quick to poke fun, with Peter Moore of Microsoft quick to go on record when talking to SPOnG recently, “One of the things we’re most proud of is that nobody gave Sony the design advantage coming out of E3. So, you know, tick box! The boomerang! Throw it away and it just comes back!”

And perhaps, through Microsoft’s gloating about Sony’s pad, a different truth exists. It is true that when Sony showed its controller for PlayStation 3, people were genuinely shocked at how bad it looked. Could it be that SCE is in fact working on an entirely new input device - showing what looks like a bastard spawn of an antipodean hunting device and something you might stick in some orifice - to fool the competition?

Rumour has it right now that Sony is just a few months away from showing the final design for its controller, with the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas scheduled for 5th - 8th January 2006." [link]

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