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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Xbox 360 Face Plate Launch Details Emerge

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Xbox 360 Face Plate Launch Details Emerge

"For those of you already sick to the back teeth of news about the upcoming Xbox 360 console, I’m only going to make things worse since details have now emerged regarding the console’s much hyped removable faceplates.

For those not in the know the concept is incredible simple. Think of the removable faceplates available for all those (tacky) mobile phones over the years, apply that logic to a console and Bob is very much your uncle.

Four will initially be available from launch: ‘Silver’, ‘Sun’, ‘Hot Road’ and ‘Woody’ (it’s not what you think, unless you’re thinking: That sounds like a mock wood finish he’s talking about, in which case you’re right). The other three are less ambiguous and I’m not even going to insult your intelligent in describing them, just look at the pics.

As for practical aspects, Microsoft says each one is designed not to scratch as easily as an iPod nano and, in an ideal world, won’t peel apart after a few weeks (or words to that effect). Naturally enough, the face plates will debut on the same date at the console itself – 2 December – and a landslide of official, unofficial, tasteful, tasteless and downright disturbing designs will follow.

If you’ve got a spare £14.99 try to be just a little discerning with your choices. Please…" [link]

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