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Saturday, November 12, 2005

What has Microsoft learned from the Xbox launch?

What has Microsoft learned from the Xbox launch?

"Looks like Dean Takahashi, author of Opening the Xbox: Inside Microsoft’s Plan to Unleash an Entertainment Revolution, is planning another book. This time it’s on the 360 and he wants to know what lessons Microsoft has learned from the launch of the first Xbox in November, 2001.

He’s written up some well-known blunders like:

* The box and the controller were too big for the Japanese market. (Did they solve this with the “inhale” design and new controller?)
* The machine launched with too few games geared to Japanese tastes. (Is Japan starting to warm up to the idea of a new Xbox?)

Then again, there are some things that raise doubts:

* The hard drive wasn’t as much of an asset as Microsoft hoped. (With developers being unable to rely on the hard drive in the 360, will it exist solely to store content on, like music, Arcade titles, maybe even games!)
* Microsoft launched too late. Sony sold more than 20 million units by the time Microsoft sold its first 1.5 million. (Will launching earlier help them? It certainly didn’t help another little white box that ran on Windows.)

What do you guys think Microsoft has learned from, all things considered, the otherwise successful launch of their first game system?" [link]

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