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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Will the Xbox 360 Gamble Pay Off?

Will the Xbox 360 Gamble Pay Off?

Free Image Hosting at"The post Thanksgiving shopping rush has begun to die down. Soon however, it will be December and as Christmas fast approaches consumers will go crazy trying to find the perfect gift for everyone on their list. Invariably, every year in America there is the “Must Have” present. The one toy that every child must have to complete their life and truly make the Yuletide gay (you parents in the crowd know what I mean). The one gift that will let parents prove that they really do love their children. It is also the one gift that causes the most stress for your average mall going mom. They must stand in long lines, scowering the country side in hopes of finding this magical present that will make Christmas morning special for their darling little child.

And while this year won’t feature the “Tickle-Me-Elmo” doll as the top toy there are a few other contenders for the crown of Most Coveted Toy. My personal pick is the Xbox 360. It has quite a bit going for it, and yet, there are some problems. But the real question that I want to ask is will the decision to release the new Xbox still look good next Christmas? Once the PS3 and Revolution have come out will, in hindsight, Microsoft have made the right move in releasing their console first? Here is my take on things so far." [more]

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