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Thursday, November 17, 2005

XBOX 360 to early to market?

XBOX 360 to early to market?

"Is Microsoft releasing the XBOX 360 to early?

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usWith the so called “HD Era” almost upon us with the Release of the XBOX 360 Next week, and the PS3 coming whenever Sony decides to release it last I heard it was pushed back to 2007. I consider myself a pretty avid gamer and the release of the Xbox 360 has me both Excited and Disappointed at the same time. I am excited because honestly what gamer doesn’t get excited with the dawn of a new generation of wonder that is sure to be reveled to us very soon. But I also feel disappointed that I will not be able to enjoy these new generation of games fully unless I have a HDTV.

Will separation of the experience be that much different? I wonder. I refuse to watch Full screen DVDs for the same reason I won’t buy a 360 until I have a HDTV. These games are being made for a widescreen 16:9 aspect and that is how intend to play them, and really is it such a bad thing to wait? No ,consoles always get cheaper each year; and to be honest there are not any games for 360 that absolutely need to have that I can’t already enjoy on my PC (I’m looking at you Call of Duty 2). From the data I have gathered from 20 of my closets gaming friends they do not plan on buying the XBOX 360. I guess I am just wondering why they had to rush this system to market when to have they have the most powerful current generation console. It just doesn’t make sense, what also doesn’t make sense is the fact that the Xbox 360 has no real killer app, most of my friends reasoning behind not buying a 360 is that there are still content playing Halo 2 and until there is an upgrade that they can enjoy the 360 makes no sense.

If you were Microsoft wouldn’t you continue to release quality content on a system that is still “technically” the best of its generation?. I guess the fact is that they are not really think about putting their best system forward they are simply looking to get to market first which has proven to be a successful way of thinking (at least in more recent generations) with the exception being the Dreamcast of course. I also believe this gives Sony a huge advantage now, they know exactly what there competition has to offer and have a bit of time to tweak their Ideas to improve on what Xbox 360 has already laid the ground work for, which is the all powerful box in the living room that will watch your DVDs , play your music, display your pictures, wax your car , and sometimes play games.

I really wish Microsoft all the best be to me it really seems like they doing the Dreamcast 2.0 rather then the XBOX 360." [link]

Anonymous Anonymous
You're an idiot, and not only are you an idiot but you sound like you're poor since you don't even have HD yet. Xbox 360 is gonna be great, to compare it to DC is just plain ignorance. Get a life fag  

Anonymous Anonymous
Too right your an idiot and seems to me that you are just a Sony Fanboy, hence other articles you have written. It's sad that you feel the need to try and cause trouble around and about the time when the 360 is launched.  

Anonymous Anonymous
Playing into Sony's hands? Yeah right whatever, you havent a clue what your on about have you? By releasing the console first they have a better chance of taking the next generation market, that is what its about isnt it?
Sony on the other hand are a company that is in trouble, they are losing money in all sectors accept for games and their share will decrease thus causing them more trouble. They also face the upcoming storm of potential law suits that have been filed against them, not a good time for them not at all, no no.  

Anonymous Anonymous
WOW ive never seen a bigger Sony fanboy in my life. i hope youre ready for a let down when ps3 comes out and 360 already has all the stellar games on the market  

Blogger D.Vader
:) Man! Can't someone have an opinion. Why don't you write an intelligent rebuttle and send it to:  

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