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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

50 Games For the Launch Of The Nintendo Revolution?

50 Games For the Launch Of The Nintendo Revolution?

"How many games will be available for the Nintendo Revolution Launch?

What can be expect with the Nintendo Revolution launch in terms of titles. Wikipedia suggests that we may see as many 50 titles on launch day. It has also been suggested that A third Super Smash Bros. game with online play is said to be bundled in with the Revolution. Having a Mario bundled with the console should go without saying though.

Third-party developers such as Activision, Atari, Capcom, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Sega, and THQ have made positive comments about the Revolution and it may be possible they are supporting the system, but have not announced any specific games themselves. Ubisoft spokesman David Hawk said, ”we have some wonderful ideas for the console and plan to support Nintendo’s latest offering.”

With the launch date and many details yet unknown, it is difficult to estimate how many titles we can expect for launch. As this point, we have not even seen an “official” screen shot for any games, nevermind a trailer, or demo. Developers who have acknowledged that they will produce games for the Revolution, have yet to release any specific details.

Will we see 50 games on launch day? Probably not. But with many major developers eager to work with the new console and controller, it is likely we will see more than a few titles with the release of the Nintendo Revolution" [link]

Blogger Eithan
50 games? No way.

I can't believe you are quoting something that was posted on Wikipedia. You can't trust what's posted there.

At least at the end of the article you agree that 50 games is not likely. But even sourcing something from Wikipedia? Shame on you.  

Blogger Andy
Pretty irresponsible really. I suppose it will get linked to a lot.  

Blogger Lexx
Well yea... its possible. They haven't said much about the Revo, but we shall see May 9th '06  

Anonymous Anonymous
One wikipedia is a huge massively succesful source so I bet you either it has been quoted wrongly or they are referring to the fact it has downloadable games which makes up about 30 or so games at the launch, put a bit of thought into it people!  

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