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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

AQ Interactive's 360, PS3 Plans

AQ Interactive's 360, PS3 Plans

"With plenty of work fueled by Sakaguchi's Mistwalker.

Currently at work on various Mistwalker games, developers Cavia (known for the Drakengard series), Artoon (remember Blinx?), and Feelplus (churning away on Lost Odyssey), are joining together under a new publishing label called AQ Interactive. AQ stands for artistic quality, something the developers hope to excel in with their three new titles for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

The first game announced is an action-adventure game by Cavia called Bullet Witch that's currently 40% finished and will be released in the summer for Xbox 360. In the game, players control a witch dishing out guns, magic, and giant grotesque demons to fight those in her way. Every stage will reportedly have a graphical element to give it an epic, film-like appearance. For instance, one stage will have meteorites crashing down, causing the stage to take place in a sea of fire.

The second game revealed was Vampire's Rain from Artoon. Players control Los Angeles vampire hunter John Lloyd part of a special military force sent to eliminate the night creatures on the city's outskirts. The team is supposedly doing their best to create frightening vampires. "Recently, vampires have become less and less scary. We want to bring back the fear of vampires from when we were children," they said.

Vampire's Rain will also include an online mode where players won't know who is a vampire, adding tension to the battles. The game is planned for a winter release next year on both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3." [more]

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