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Monday, December 05, 2005

Exclusive Report From DIEC 2005 [New Revolution Secret]

Exclusive Report From DIEC 2005

Free Image Hosting at"Jools, one of our Japanese correspondants, was able to attend Miyamoto’s conference today at the Digital Interactive Entertainment Conference in Kyoto and sent us some great news! Here goes, complete with 1337 cell phone text messaging style!

hi, mailing from cell phone!
mmoto revealed that there is an extra feature in the rev that is still secret.
also, valve r v excited about rev, and love nintendo

Yup! You heard right. Filthy Nintendo and its secrecy department is at it again! Although being great news, this kinda debunks the rumor that Kojima (scheduled to speak at DIEC 2005 just before Miyamoto) was supposed to work on a Revolution project involving some old Nintendo franchise. Well, maybe not debunks, but certainly doesn’t further it.

Now, why can’t E3 come any faster?" [link]

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