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Monday, December 05, 2005

Raid Over The River = First Revolution Screens?

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The Xbox 360 ExperienceThe Xbox 360 Experience = First Revolution Screens?

"Recently, a developer by the name of NIBRIS stated that they were making a Nintendo Revolution title. The game, a shooter by the name of Raid Over The River is, at this point, being created on a PC since the developer doesn’t have access to a Revolution dev kit.

Today they released some screenshots and concept art for the game. Could this be the first Revolution game screenshot? Possibly. However, since NIBRIS doesn’t actually have a dev kit and might not even know the power or abilities of the system it’s hard to tell.

So, these are in no way official screenshots. But, let’s just enjoy them and take them for what they are; nice looking concept art of what might turn into a cool Revolution game someday." [link]

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Anonymous Anonymous
To D.Vader: If you bothered to read comments posted under your *ahem* 'reports' then you could probably avoid making yourself look stupid.

And the screenshots have been freely available on their website all along.  

Anonymous Anonymous
And might I add that your suggestion that pre-rendered mock-ups produced by Nintendo fans can give some indication of what Revolution games will look like is patently absurd.  

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