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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Best Buy Responds To Xbox 360 Complaints

Best Buy Responds To Xbox 360 Complaints

"Best Buy's response to Xbox 360 bundling complaints

A few days ago we posted an article discussing the overwhelming amount of Xbox 360 bundles available at all the major retailers. Many of these bundles packages are going for over $1,000 which includes everything from extra games and accessories, to surround sound and HDTV’s. However some Best Buy stores were taking the bundle theme a bit too far.

Contrary to corporate policy, some Best Buy stores required customers to spend hundreds of dollars on game and accessories as part of any Xbox 360 purchase.

A San Jose resident said the Best Buy store at Santana Row was among those locations, setting "bundled'' price minimums that started at $700 in non-returnable merchandise.

Here in Canada, places like future shop where selling bundles online over 1,500 which is cheap compared to bundles offered by EB and Gamestop.

Best Buy acknowledges that some of their store did act inappropriately, but promise that all items included in the bundles can be refunded. If you were among one of the customers forced to pay, you ca contact the Best Buy "customer care'' line at 1-888-BEST BUY (1-888-237-8289).

Here is a statement from best Buy in response to the bundles

"We are aware of instances where Best Buy employee action was inconsistent with company guidelines for promotional activities surrounding the sale of Xbox 360. We will accept returns or exchanges for any unwanted Xbox 360-related purchases. In addition, we have taken appropriate measures to ensure this situation will not occur with future Xbox 360 promotions. We extend our sincere apologies to our customers."" [link]

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