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Saturday, December 03, 2005

'Raid over the River' Proposed for Nintendo Revolution

'Raid over the River' Proposed for Nintendo Revolution

Free Image Hosting at"Upon recent investigation of the CCT Game Calendar 2006, Revolution Report managed to discover that a developer by the name of NIBRIS has a game in development titled Raid over the River, which, according to the calendar, is slated for release on Nintendo's next-generation console, code-named the Nintendo Revolution.

Revolution Report contacted NIBRIS directly for further insight into the matter. According to Piotr Orlowski, the game's project manager, NIBRIS 'would like to do this game directly for Revolution and DS,' adding further that 'only Nintendo platforms [will] get this game.' Responding to why Raid over the River would only come to Nintendo's console rather than Xbox 360 or PS3, Orlowski stated, 'Nintendo is our life. We have all of the Nintendo consoles; we are fans.'

When questioned on whether or not his company had received a Revolution development kit, Orlowski said, 'To be honest - we don't have a Revolution development kit yet, so we're doing a version on PC but we have a lot of ideas [of how to] use the Revolution controller.' For Orlowski, the 'idea of the Revolution pad is almost like a beautiful dream.'" [more]

Anonymous Anonymous

If you'd bothered to check their site you would've seen that they aren't just looking for a publisher for the 'game'......but a developer as well!

And last time I checked...Nintendo weren't in the habit of licensing dev kits to their fans.  

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