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Saturday, December 03, 2005

PS3 Leading Consumer Awareness

PS3 Leading Consumer Awareness

"Report shows Xbox 360, Revolution trailing in public eye.

Hear that kids? It's time for another next-generation report, this time released by NPD Group, the same institution responsible for the sales numbers that leak onto videogame message boards every month. Their Next Generation Console Study, based on roughly 15,000 respondents in NPD's online consumer panel, brought interesting results.

The report says PlayStation 3 currently has the most consumer awareness amongst gamers and non-gamers, with Xbox 360 and Revolution following behind. The press release concerning the report did not specify a percentage break down of the results, which 1UP is currently working on retrieving.

NPD Group speculated the results reflect a strong brand loyalty amongst consumers - an unsurprising conclusion, but also a trait Microsoft has worked hard to enhance over the lifetime of the original Xbox. Having the percentage break down would help in discovering whether Sony's keeping their substantial lead." [more]

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