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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Fox says PS3 to give Blu-ray Disc strong lead - PS3

Fox says PS3 to give Blu-ray Disc strong lead - PS3

"Fox Filmed Entertaiment lists Playstation 3 as factor to give the Sony's Blu-ray format a strong lead over Toshiba's HD-DVD format.

"In terms of the number of companies involved, the PS3 momentum and the level of content that is committed to Blu-ray, it does seem to have a pretty strong lead," James Gianopulos, co-chairman of Fox Filmed Entertainment, said at the Reuters Media and Advertising Summit in New York.

"We believe that Blu-ray not only has the superior technology and backing in terms of strength to market but also the superior content protection," he added.

The Playstation 3, due out in spring 2006 at the earliest, will feature Blu-ray disc playback to watch high-definition content.

Sony announced Wednesday that its predecessor, the Playstation 2, has shipped 100 million units worldwide in about six years.

That momentum, in addition to the majority of motion picture studios and high-profile consumer electronics in support of the Blu-ray format is giving Sony the edge over rival Toshiba." [more]

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