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Friday, December 02, 2005

When The Other Woman's An Xbox: Gaming Gripes Go Online

When The Other Woman's An Xbox: Gaming Gripes Go Online

"Group helps Kansas State University students suffering gaming-induced relationship heartache.

When Jake Walker upsets his girlfriend, Jaci Boydston, he might buy her flowers.

When Jaci feels she owes an apology to Jake, she agrees to play a round of the Nintendo fighting game "Super Smash Brothers."

Jaci and Jake, who both attend Kansas State University, are a modern couple dealing with a modern issue. One of them is a gamer; the other is not. Theirs is not an unusual plight. For decades gamers and non-gamers in love have struggled to find harmony.

At Kansas State the frustration is rampant. Like most college campuses, it is a place where the release of "Halo 2" last year was the best of times and the worst of times. And while there is such a thing as couples in which both people are into games — and while there are sometimes boyfriends who are the non-gamers — the most frequent complaint involves game-crazy guys leaving their girlfriends out in the Xbox-free cold.

"I've started to dislike games a lot more since the start of the relationship," said Megan Hockman, during an interview with MTV News in the dorm room of her boyfriend, Clinton Smith.

Senior Erin Moore says her boyfriend, Jari, binges on Xbox right across the hall from her apartment, where his gaming friends live. "He doesn't come home until 4 in the morning because he's been playing Xbox all night," she said. Once, she got angry. "I went over and stole the game controllers and hid them around the house, and I hid them separately so if they found one they still couldn't play."

Beleaguered girlfriends like Megan and Erin have found solace in Girlfriends Against Video Games, a new campus club. It started as a joke — and it still exists primarily as an online message board at the K-State portion of — but it's become a sounding board for dozens of local students suffering gaming-induced relationship heartache." [more]

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