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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Sony Will Follow Microsoft's Lead in Playstation 3 Launch

Sony Will Follow Microsoft's Lead in Playstation 3 Launch

Free Image Hosting at"Microsoft's Xbox 360 launch this week is the first shot in the battle between next-generation video game consoles with Sony's response, the Playstation 3, being released later next year.

Playstation 3Sony CEO Howard Stringer revealed that the company has learned from the launch of the Xbox 360 and will be employing similar but more aggressive tactics. For example, Microsoft managed to create an artificial sell-out demand for their new product by constraining the number of available units. Sony will do the same. In fact Sony will be releasing only three units on launch day.

'We also won't be telling customers which stores will be getting the stock to encourage the tradition of lining up in vain for days on end only to be disappointed. It's a part of the traditional fun of launch day,' said Stringer.

Sony expects to set a new sell-out record. They are aiming for less than 10 seconds. Sony expects the headlines such as 'Sony PS3 sold out in 5 seconds' will boost sales even more if they actually had more units to sell.

Sony will also follow Microsoft's lead in product quality. Stringer promised, 'A console so sophisticated that it won't be working most of the time. This way, customers will know they have the latest in technology.'" [more]

This has to be a joke!

Anonymous Anonymous
these comments made by him are so halirious...oh man Sony is hitting Xbox 360 below the belt....*ouch*  

Anonymous Anonymous
Funny stuff. Reminds me of something you'd read in "The Onion"

On the flip-side, I think Sony knows the idea of an artifical "sell-out" (for game consoles at least)all too well with the PS2. It's just like Cabbage Patch Kids, Tickle Me Elmo, iPods, and all of those items. Over here in the US, people flock to things that are "so cool they sold out!"
Production aside - most of those items were available but kept shipments small on purpose to keep demand going.

If someone REALLY wants an Xbox, I've seen the core system around. You could pick that up and order the other items online. It's not cheap, but it's the same thing under the hood...and if you can't wait it's easier than dropping 1K on eBay.  

Anonymous Anonymous
I actually dont beleive a single word in this article. Sony will only have 3 consoles sold .. yea right ... this article is completely bs.  

Anonymous Anonymous
Jesus. How thick are you lot?

The joke is on [b]you[/b].  

Anonymous Anonymous
Jesus. How thick are you lot?

The joke is on you.  

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