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Friday, December 02, 2005

Free60 - Linux on your Xbox360 Project

Free60 - Linux on your Xbox360 Project

"The Free60 project aims towards porting the open operating systems, such as Linux and Darwin, to the Xbox360. Currently they’ve gathered a lot of useful and detailed information surrounding the inner workings of the Xbox360. For example, apparently the Xbox360 is secured down by the following:

The flash is encrypted with a per-box key
The key is stored inside the CPU
The boot ROM is stored inside the CPU
Also inside the CPU is a hypervisor that verifies the running state of the kernel, making sure there is no modification (RAM checksums), else the Xbox360 panics and blows up!
The CPU contains RAM inside of it to store the checksums
All interrupt/exception handling is done by the hypervisor
All code runs in kernel mode
The emulator for first generation games can be updated via an official Microsoft download burned to CD by the user, though the CDs’ content will be encrypted and signed with public key cryptography.The boot ROM is stored inside the CPU

Be sure to check out their documentation page for further information.

Good luck guys!" [link]

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