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Thursday, December 01, 2005

More Japanese Xbox 360 TV spots

More Japanese Xbox 360 TV spots

"We’ve found a whole bunch of Japanese TV ads for the Xbox 360. They’re different than the US ads because they actually feature the system and the games. The one linking element between all of the TV spots is that most of them have Jumping Jack Flash for background music.

A giant green X attacks Roppongi!
The Xbox logo attacks Kyoto
360 logo short version
360 logo (the kana says 12.10 Hi-def Game)
Project Gotham Racing
Ninety Nine Nights
Final Fantasy XI

Notice how Microsoft is really trying to brand the Xbox name and logo in Japan instead of having abstract mass market ads where everyone is skipping rope in the US. Also Microsoft isn’t showcasing Perfect Dark Zero, Enchant Arm or Dead or Alive 4 as spotlight titles instead they’re focusing on future hot games like FFXI and Ninety Nine Nights." [link]

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