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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Nintendo Revolution Controller Mockup

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Nintendo Revolution Controller Mockup

Looks like someone on the interwebs has created their very own mockup to how the Nintendo Revolution controller just might act with a first person shooter.

Link: Video (Via Google)

Anonymous Anonymous
This looks cool and I sure would like to have it like this for my other consoles. Much easier than with the handcontroll that ps2 and xbox use.  

Blogger SureLock
Well that gives you an idea of what you'd get if you were playing Counterstrike with a Revolution controller, but the difference is going to be in the accuracy of the device and how far away people are going to be from the screen. I've heard that the best way to control the Rev is to rest your hands on your lap. This person was clearly holding up the controller and waiving it wildly.  

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