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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Pick up 6, Ridge Racer flat out fun on the 360

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Pick up 6, Ridge Racer flat out fun on the 360

"Okay, okay, okay. You're getting tired of all the Xbox 360 reviews, right? Understood. But we're trying to squeeze out as many as possible before year's end, so that when you're finally able to find a 360 in your local store, sometime in 2009 or so, you'll be up to speed.

Speaking of speed -- slick segue, no? -- behold Ridge Racer 6, the mistress in our marriage to Project Gotham Racing 3. Don't get me wrong, PGR3 is great. But sometimes you want a little something on the side that's faster, simpler and looser.

Wow, that's as far as that analogy needs to go, isn't it? RR6's debut on the Xbox 360 is an interesting blip on the venerable drift-happy racing series' radar, marking the first time a Yankee-made console has been home to a new game in this beloved Japanese franchise. Suck it up, Sony.

And it will only be more beloved after you lay eyes on this beauty, with the caveat that this as far from a realistic racer as it's possible to get in something that doesn't have Burnout in the title." [more]

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