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Friday, December 23, 2005

360 photo scam still going

360 photo scam still going

"Unscrupulous grifters trick desperate holiday shoppers into buying pictures of Xbox 360s on online auction sites.

The hot holiday item, if one believes the media hype, is the Xbox 360. Short supply and high demand have left many holiday shoppers looking for the console empty-handed. While the thought of parents looking into the teary eyes of children left without an Xbox 360 this Christmas is saddening, imagine the same scenario with said parents paying upwards of $800 for a worthless photo of the gaming system.

That's exactly what has happened to a few shoppers desperate to get an Xbox 360 under the Christmas tree this year. eBay and other Web sites have multitudes of bidding wars going for the next-gen console, and the frenzy has attracted the cold hearts of those looking to take advantage of the situation. In a "cross-your-fingers-and-hope-someone-falls-for-it" scam, some tricksters on online auction site eBay have set up pages hawking what appear to be Xbox 360s.

Recently a New York woman was the winning bidder of an eBay auction for a new Xbox least that's what she thought. According to Web site, the buyer inquired about the description of the item up for grabs--"Photo of picture of Xbox." The seller responded that it was a typo, and shipped out the winning item. Days later, an envelope arrived with a picture of an Xbox 360--that's it, just a piece of paper.

Her winning bid was more than $600. The Xbox 360 retails for $299 for a basic package, and $399 for the premium package.

This isn't the first such case of a Grinchlike dupe job. Earlier this month, The Register reported that a UK gamer was the winner of a similar dubious scam, ousting the buyer out of 470 pounds ($817) for a photo of an Xbox 360. In the item's description, after all the specs and information of the system, was the disclaimer (see picture) that the auction was actually for a photo of the Xbox 360. Ouch." [more]

Anonymous Anonymous
Nintendo Revolution Blog

is this dude legit? he claims the nintendo revolution may be as good as the xbox 360. anyone know who he is?  

Anonymous abigsmurf
These Ebay scams are fraud plain and simple.

It doesn't matter they say they're a photo in the small print, the auctions are fraudulant because they are designed to fool people into buying something other than what the auction suggests.

If you buy insurance from a company and among 4 pages of small print they say "you only get a receipt, your product will not be insured" that would be illegal and fraudulant.

There is protection in the law against this form of trickery and the people doing these scams are guilty of a felony. However I believe Paypal automatically refund for these kinds of scam, I can see them banning these auctions in the near future thanks to all this bad publicity  

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