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Thursday, December 08, 2005

WANTED: Dead or Alive – Xbox 360

WANTED: Dead or Alive – Xbox 360

Free Image Hosting at"If you’re reading this article and/or frequent, you’re a hardcore gamer - this we know for sure. But what is unknown some two weeks after the Xbox 360 launch is if you’re still a hardcore Xbox gamer in light of Microsoft’s hardware supply “situation”.

If you’re one of the few that got on the pre-lists early and are playing your Xbox 360 right now, then odds are that you are gung-ho Microsoft; the new console is flippin’ sweet! But if you’re one of those cursed souls that is caught up in the whole “pre-ordered but don’t have” conundrum, then odds are you’re not quite riding the MS bandwagon. And for those that didn’t pre-order at all? Well, you’re obviously not a hardcore gamer, or never have been involved in a nex-gen console launch before. Better luck next next year.

We all know that the current supply of Xbox 360’s isn’t meeting the demand at this juncture, but what’s a fanatical gamer supposed to do about it? Sure, you could take your paper and pre-order the PS3 - so that in a year from now you can play titles that look nothing like the pre-rendered snippets - but this isn’t in the hardcore gaming spirit. Your best bet is to be armed with information about the availability of Xbox 360’s, and know your options at this point in time. The launch has come and gone - get over it - it’s in the past. You don’t have an Xbox 360, or you can’t find one for your kid that probably doesn’t deserve one anyway; this is the current situation, and we’re here to help you through that trauma.

Put a bounty out for your Xbox 360 right now. Below is your guide to being proactive…" [more]

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